Corporate Social Responsibility of Vescot Ltd  


Vesc-Art Management was founded by Vescot Ltd in 2012. Our team at Vescot believe that having a stable and secure position on the market also means that our responsibilities towards the community grow.


Being engineers creativity is a crucial part of our everyday work. Creativity of an engineer is based on scientific thinking and motivates us to look for the root cause of all phenomena. Meaning the understanding of the task, recognizing the relationships between them and separating the useful information from the useless. The continuously improved knowledge is transformed into creative activity aiming to create intellectual values which moves ingenuity, intelligence and in many cases boldness. We have no intention to compare the work of an engineer to the work of an artist, however, we find some things in common.


We have always considered highly important to support education, and we also see how young graduates struggle to start their career. This is especially true for artists. Therefore we decided that we are going to support young, graduate artists from the first step of their career.


Our first exhibition

At the end of 2012 we invited proposals from young artists to reflect upon the fantastic movie, Fellini: 8 and a half. Spring, 2013 we exhibited the winner artworks celebrating the 8 and a half birthday of Vescot.


Each year has a different theme.


2015 is the International Year of Light. Vescot decided to join to this initiative, so we called proposals with the theme ‘LIGHT’. The first exhibition opened on 26th March, at the well-known boat A38 celebrating the foundation of Vescot.


We have exhibited our artists’ works in several vanues including Flux Gallery, Deák Erika Gallery and Art Market Budapest.



Veronika Tóth and László Ács

Founders and owners of Vescot Ltd.

is the title of the exhibition realized in 2016. 
We invited proposals with the theme of Extreme Engineering from an abstract perspective. The curated artworks are sole and unique pieces but we have discovered one common element in all - the Absence of something therefore we chose this title for the exhibition.