Contemporary Hungarian Fine Art Photography
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Gábor Baksa




The reason why I started the Light Sculpture project was my intention to depict Light as a tactile object then form these objects into characters, and finally create an environment where they can exist motionless. My aim was to present these light-objects as being light and monumental at the same time.  



Kira Koroknai




A képek alapelvét a fény által meghatározott világunkban a fény irányításával a hétköznapi percepciónk határainak keresése adta meg. Ezért esett a választás a legmozgékonyabb, legkevésbé állandó jelenségekre-a fény és árnyék összefüggésének rendszere. 


A fény az árnyékkal teli tér mélyéből esik a formákra, ezáltal kiemel, hangsúlyt teremt. A fényes és árnyékos felületek kölcsönösen kiegészítik egymást. Egyedi kontrasztot alkotnak, amely a fotó, a fényinstaláció és az absztrakció határán mozog. 

Laborc Zsófia




Thoughtful and deliberate reading experience is often associated with the most peaceful part of the apartment and with the light of a lamp.

In my photo series, I attempt to visualize the artificial light while showing it in relation to the act of reading. The pictures show various spatial installations where details of buildings are printed on transparent film which stands out from the plane of the paper. The ‘typefaces’ are created by the light of the lamp that passes through the windows. This phenomenon refers on the significant role that light plays in our everyday lives. 

Lados Dávid




Materiality and immateriality, movement and stillness, time and timelessness–New Moon series by Dávid Lados presents these phenomena side by side, as the result of a patient and disciplined creative game between the artist and nature.


According to the concept of Lados, the photos had to have been taken in almost complete darkness, at the time of the new moon, so that everything except the sky would be defined by the alienated element, the light ball added to the composition by the artist. The intervention of the artistic project entitled New Moon is performed through the positioning of an artificial light source left to the laws of gravity. Thus the light must obey: one moment it stays still on the picture, the next it draws a luminous band by its inevitable movement. Between untouched nature and the artificial light source a dramatic contrast appears. However, the dominance of the light can be tamed by the fact that nature is being defined by, and can only be seen through this very element.

Márta Éva Frank



Schuller Judit Flóra




The pencil of modern nature


"The affairs of mankind are guided by change.”

(William Henry Fox Talbot)


During the exposure of the photograms called ‘The pencil of modern nature’, I used an unconventional light source. The light needed for capturing the image of the plants was issued by the herbs themselves. The plants can therefore make their own imprints, without the support of an external light source, thanks to the imitation of the phenomenon known as bioluminescence. 



Szalay Krisztina




I considered the panorama series as an experiment by which I wanted to emphasize the role of light as formative and highlighting factor. To do so, I chose nature as location, where there is no artificial light. In the panorama series, different spaces were often combined, turned into a new scene that does not exist beyond the realm of photography. 


Szatmári Sára





I have recently noticed lightboxes, citylights all around the city, deprived of their original function, left empty. I was impressed by their instantaneity, their fortuitousness. They are standing alone, being empty and even pointless - yet filling space with their lights, their luminous space still stays vacant. Senseless in a way, yet inviting, they are waiting to be discovered, filled with content.